Posted by | March 23 | 2018

Preventing Spring Injuries

With spring just around the corner, everyone is anxious to get outside and make up for the countless hours they spent locked up in their homes. Although it can be an exciting time, without being careful and taking care of our bodies the spring can be a precarious time in terms of injury. MedRehab Group has three useful tips to help prevent those unwanted injuries and promote optimal health this upcoming spring.

Tip One –   Many individuals get excited about the nice weather that they push their body too hard too quickly and get themselves injured in the process. A way to prevent injury is by tracking progress in a notebook or on a smartphone to make sure the increase in physical activity is gradual and healthy. After all, slow and steady wins the race.

Tip Two – Match the appropriate gear to the physical activity being performed. When riding a bike, wear a helmet. When playing contact sports, make sure to wear a mouth guard. One aid individuals often do not consider is custom orthotics. MedRehab Group provides custom orthotics that can help protect your feet and prevent injury throughout the body.

Tip Three –   Physiotherapists can help create a customizable regimen, which can help you reach all your physical and mental health goals. Often they will recommend various physiotherapy treatments for neck, shoulder, or back pain, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic care, shockwave therapy and naturopathic solutions. Figuring out what works for you on your own can be difficult so why not seek out a physical therapist who knows how to help professionally.

MedRehab Group is a multi-disciplinary clinic, which specializes in physiotherapy, back pain treatment, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and naturopathy. Interested in having a consultation or learning about treatment options? Come by one of the many MedRehab locations in the GTA or give us a call today!



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