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Alternative Therapy

Alternative Therapy

At MedRehab Group we have always been and continue to be leaders in introducing and using advanced technology and rehabilitation methods to ensure a fast, effective and complete recovery of your injuries or lifestyle change. Technologies include but are not limited to Whole Body Vibration in all of our locations to German New Medicine. Check out our current and future investments into your rehabilitation success...

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Posted by | December 7 | 2017

5 Stretches to Relieve Pain

Constant pain can be a serious daily issue to deal with and without proper stretching it can result in constant and unbearable pain. Here we break down the 5 best stretches to aiding in relieving pain and providing total relief… Read More

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Djoanna and Mildred from Woodbridge clinic demonstrate five shoulder muscle stretches for rotator cuff, triceps, and romboid muscles that can help you avoid injury